Doug Polk Returns To Poker Life Podcast

Upswing Poker pro and three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk returned to the Poker Life Podcast Tuesday to discuss current events with host Joey Ingram. Polk, who is making his Poker After Dark debut this week, “conversated” with Joey about several topics that are in the news as we head towards the final quarter of the 2017 calendar year.

Here is a Timestamps summary — along with quotes — of the main topics that were discussed.

“It seems that Partypoker is really trying to step-in here and say, ‘Hey we have an opportunity right now to strike.’” (Joey)

“It seems like the future of them overtaking Stars in some capacity is pretty near.” (Joey)

“When you are the monopoly, when you’re the industry leader… you really control the market, and you start to do f**ked up sh*t… you can lose that.” (Doug)

“I think it’s good to see some competition. I think overall I like a lot of what Party is doing. I think adding in players like Fedor does add a lot of credibility to the Partypoker brand.” (Doug)